Drywall C. Resume –

Sheet Rock and taping

Measure, cut and install wood floor

Hang doors and install Windows

Remont Brooklyn NY

Carpenter March 2013 – July 2014

Framing with metal and wood

Measure, cut, and install sheet rock

Tape and Spackle

Measure, cut and install wood floor

Measure, cut and install tile

Measure, cut and install molding

Hang doors and install Windows

Laborer / Carpenter May 2010 – January 2013
● Demolition
● Construct walls using wood or metal beams.
● Spackling, taping, caulking
● Construct forms and assist in raising them to the required elevation.
● Cut and install insulating or sound-absorbing material.
● Cut tile or linoleum to fit and spread adhesives on flooring for installation.
● Position and hold timbers, lumber, or paneling in place for fastening or cutting.
● Fasten timbers or lumber with glue, screws, pegs, or nails and install hardware.
● Clean work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe job site.
● Align, straighten, plumb, or square forms for installation.
● Cut timbers, lumber and/or paneling to specified dimensions, and drill holes in timbers or lumber.
● Smooth or sand surfaces to remove ridges, tool marks, glue, or caulking.
● Perform tie spacing layout and measure, mark, drill or cut.

Pennelo’s Impressive Painting  NJ United States
Painter/laborer January 2008 – April 2010
● Prep Location for Painting
● Sheetrock repair, installing corner beams, Taping, and spackling. 
● Basic demo and carpentry
● Painting w/ Brushes, Rollers, and Sprayer.
● Understanding of basic electrical and plumbing
● Can independently handle any task assigned to him with complete confidence.
● knowledge on using the equipment and all tools provided on the job. Also how to take care of power or motorized equipment.
● Have strong knowledge of most equipment and knowing the hazards or consequences of using any tools incorrectly.
● Comfortable and used to working heavy materials and also working in extreme hot or cold conditions.
● Have my own tools
● Bilingual  (English and Spanish)

Last Resume Update July 30, 2016
Location Newark, New Jersey
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