Drywall C. Resume –

Risk Analysis, Deviation, Root Cause Analysis and CAPA.

Global Energy Network, Research Assistant Jan 2015-May 2016
Kick Prediction System, USC representative
The project is in collaboration with Saudi Aramco, National Energy Technology Laboratory and USC.
Developed a Predictive Analysis Model using Dataiku Data Science Studios and HIS Fekete.

USC Wilson Dental Library, Student Worker May 2014-Jan 2016
Provided with best Customer Service to the library patrons.
Provided technical assistance at the computer lab and learning center.

BHABHA Atomic Research Center, Project Trainee Sept 2012-April 2013
Wireless Monitoring and Control Using Embedded Data Acquisition System, Team Leader
Successfully assisted with designing and building a system that can measure Temperature and Pressure and remotely transmit data for storage.
Implemented an override function to reset the monitored device should it exceed threshold temperature.

Reservoir Simulation Spring 2015
Developed Matlab code to plot (3D) the pressure changes in the reservoir with 5 producing wells.
Introduced an injection well and studied the pressure and production changes in the reservoir.

WSCFD for Shale Oil Field in Cooper Basin Summer 2014
Analyzed the reservoir geology, history and drilling program as the Formation Damage Specialist.
Successfully removed the damages and implemented measures to prevent future formation damages.

Implement New Smart Oil Field Technologies in Ghawar Oil Field Spring 2014
Analyzed Data Management and Visualization technologies implemented by Saudi Aramco.
Proposed enhancement strategies such as Cloud Computing, Local DAS and Fiber Optical Networks.

Planning of Deep-Water Producing Well (Offshore Benin) Spring 2014
Studied and extracted relevant data from the given data package for two discovery wells.
Designed the drilling program (i.e. Wellbore and Casing Design, Mud systems, Drill Bits) for the wells.

Undergraduate Engineering Projects
Implementation of Boolean functions using logic gates.
Study properties of diodes, BJT, FET using CRO, Multimeter, Function Generator, and Regulated Power Supply.
Write Assembly Level Language to implement 10 kHz Square wave.
Built an Analog Bicycle Theft Prevention mechanism including the design of the PCB.
Built a Digital Dice to display random output of numbers ranging 1-6.
Instrumentation Skills

Display devices- LCD, LED bar graph, seven segment displays with MC.
Gunn oscillator and Gunn diode.
Analog, oscilloscope & function generator.
Temperature transducer- thermocouple, thermistor and RTD
Signal conditioning circuits – instrumentation amplifier.
Output characteristics of LVDT and measurement of displacement using LVDT.
Measurement of strain using strain gauge.
Differential pressure transducer & signal conditioning of output signal.
Measurement of level using capacitive transducer.
Speed control of a dc motor by armature control and field control methods.

Programming Languages
C, C++, Java, Python, Linux shell scripts, Matlab
Analytic Tools
Oscilloscope, DDS, Prediction IO, PGC 5000a, HIS Fekete, Multimeter
Tools Used
Eclipse, Putty, MS Office, PCB Wizard, AutoCAD
Hadoop Ecosystem
HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, Hive, Pig, Zookeeper, Sqoop and Flume
NOSQL Databases

The Society of Petroleum Engineers, Member Spring 2014 – Present
Student Council Head, Terna Engineering College Aug 2012-Aug 2013
IEEE, Member May 2009-Dec 2015

Last Resume Update July 26, 2016
Location San Jose, California
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