Carpenter, 7132

Location , NJ
Date Posted October 10, 2018
Category Commercial/Residential
Job Type Full-Time


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following:  (Other duties may be assigned by Building Management.) NJ High Pressure Special Boiler Operators License required within 6 months of employment.


  • Ability to read blueprints to determine location and size of structures.
  • Selects specified type of materials.
  • Assists in layout preparation.
  • Erects framework for structures.
  • Verifies trueness of structure with plumb bob and carpenter’s level.
  • Lays out and installs partitions and cabinet work.
  • Applies sound-deadening and decorative paneling to ceilings and walls.
  • Fits and installs prefabricated window frames, doors, doorframes, weather stripping, interior and exterior trim and finish hardware such as locks and kick plates.
  • Erects scaffolding and ladders for work above ground level.
  • Lays out reference lines and points for use in computing location and position of metal framing.
  • Measures, marks and cuts metal runners, studs and furring channels to specified size.
  • Secures metal framing to walls and furring channels to ceilings.
  • Measures and marks cutting lines on drywall.
  • Scribes cutting lines on drywall and breaks board along cut lines.
  • Fits and fastens board into specified position on wall.
  • Cuts openings into board for electrical outlets, vents or fixtures.
  • Measures, cuts, assembles and installs metal framing and doorways.
  • Fits, aligns and hangs doors and installs hardware such as locks and kick plates.
  • Mixes ceiling compound by hand or with portable electric mixer and spreads compound over joints between boards.
  • Presses paper tape over joint to embed tape into compound and seal joint or tapes joint using mechanical applicator that spreads compound and embeds tape in one operation.


  • Smooth surfaces and removes old paint from surfaces to prepare surfaces for painting.
  • Fills nail holes, cracks and joints with caulk, putty, plaster or other filler.
  • Removes fixtures such as pictures and electric switchcovers from walls prior to painting.
  • Spreads drop cloths over floors and room furnishings and covers surfaces such as baseboards, door frames and windows to protect surfaces during painting.
  • Paints surfaces with brushes, spray gun or paint rollers.
  • Erects scaffolding or sets up ladders to perform tasks above ground level.
  • Measures walls and ceiling to compute number and length of strips required to cover surface.
  • Sets up pasteboard and erects scaffolding.
  • Marks vertical guideline on wall to align first strip.
  • Smooth  rough spots on walls and ceilings.
  • Fills holes and cracks with plaster.
  • Removes paint, varnish and grease from surfaces.
  • Applies sizing (thin glue) to waterproof porous surfaces.
  • Measures and cuts strips from roll of wallpaper or fabric.
  • Mixes paste to desired consistency and brushes paste on back of wallpaper or fabric.
  • Trims selvage (rough edge) from strips.
  • Places paste-coated strips on wall or ceiling to match adjacent edges of figured strips and smooth strips with dry brush or felt-covered roller to remove wrinkles and bubbles.
  • Removes old paper with water, steam machine or chemical remover and scraper.


  • Diagnoses and repairs non-operational locks and doors.
  • Inserts new or repaired tumblers into lock to change combination.

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