Installing drywall for different purposes

Drywalls are the gypsum plaster boards which are constructed in the inner walls and ceilings of the house. Drywall installation is one of the home improvement methods which are either done in the constructed house or along with the construction. Drywall installation is not the single time process, there are different types of drywall work which are involved to get the finished structure., since there are number of difficulty involved in DIY drywall installation., this is purely done by the efficient professionals There are different types of drywalls which are equipped for different purposes other than the process of construction. Types of drywalls are categories based on the edges, colors, sizes, and so forth. The beneath paragraphs shows the types of drywalls which are used for different purposes: Fire resistant drywall: As the name suggests the drywall is constructed to act as the fire resister. Top fire rated drywalls are used here for the construction process. More number of glass fiber strands is used along with the gypsum mixture which tolerates the fire to a certain limit, compared to regular economical drywall. They also have the optimum thickness to withstand the high temperature over longer run. This type is very hard to shape based on the need due to the high thickness level. The standard thickness of the fire resistant type is 5/8 inches. They are used most in the fire sensitive area, but at present they invaded into the apartments, rooms, malls, etc… Type X drywall is best fire resistant drywall. Moisture resistant drywall: The drywalls are made ingraining moisture resistant materials along the gypsum sheets which blocks the water droplets from penetrating into the house. This has the maximum thickness with the breathable value. They are just the moisture resistant and not the water resistant, so it is wise to construct them in the limited wet areas in the house. The green boards, cement board, blue boards are the types of drywalls used for the moisture resistant purpose. This type of drywall installation is done in bathroom and kitchen in walls and ceiling construction. Soundproof drywall: The elastic lumber waste products are used with the gypsum boards to make the drywall soundproof. The density of the drywall is higher than the regular drywalls which is very sensitive to cut but they hold less weight compared to other types. They are used in the places where the sound transmission is restricted. Sound transmission class is used accompanied with this board which needs special type of installation. Abuse-resistant drywall: Abuse resistant represents the drywall which is minimum expose to small damages. They are specifically meant for the impact resistance. They are made of the polystyrene layer fitted in the invisible side of the drywall. The thickness is maximum compared other type of drywalls. They are very efficient to act as the heat insulation. The above are some of the type of drywalls which are adaptable for differential purposes. the drywalls are chosen based on the requirement and installed efficiently by the drywall contractors.